How to watch Afrik Live on your Android Box or Android SmarTV

Watching aCAN TV on your  ANDROID Box or Smart TV is very simple, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Android device PLAY STORE and look for the  Afrik Live application
  2. You will have the choice between  Afrik Live for SmarTV and Afrik Live for TV
  3. Choose the application for your device and download it
  4. Once the application is downloaded click on it
  5. Enter your username or email
  6. Enter your password
  7. Click on Log in

Your set up is now complete, you can now enjoy our services as long as your account is active.You only have to do this on your first log in. Your information will be saved and and you won't be asked again unless you log completely out of the application.

Once you are connected, one channel will be played by default with its description at the bottom.
That information will remain only for seconds


You can browse the channels using the UP   and DOWN key on your remote
or CHANNEL UP or CHANNEL DOWN (depending on the remote)
Press the MENU button to access other options (radio, live tv, DVR, exit, logout)
On live TV you have the channels list per categories
Once you choose your category you will have access to the list of channels under the chosen category. You can browse with the UP  and DOWN  buttons and click
OK to choose your channel.
Press the BACK button or Arrow to remove the channel list
To access the DVR list for that particular channel press the LEFT ARROW  
and scroll thru the available recordings with the UP  and DOWN buttons.
While watching when you press the OK button you can access the channel categories

If you have any further questions, or issues Customer Service representatives are ready to assist you wether you speak English, French or Wolof Monday Thru Friday . Call us!

SUPPORT USA : + 1-818-666-9361
SUPPORT EUROPE: +39 353 338 2947
WHATSAPP: +1-808-800-7020

Afrik Live, Enjoy Better TV 

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